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DECEMBER 5 & 6, 2015

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Make Your Trip Count

Trod Positively & Consciously. Help Build Communities. TOTAL TRAVEL RECIPROCITY

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Do Road : Travel Local

Every day TTR offers awesome Day Trips, Guided Experiences and Tour Packages of all types & sizes.

Get A Good Start

'Touch Road' with the Get To Know Yaad trip and spend 72 hours under our I-tection. Learn the ropes & get ready to take on the road for the rest of your journey.

Now Starting At $72.00/day

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Haffi Reach Orange Street!

Step out like an Original Rocker on the Original Orange Street Day Tour every Wednesday & Friday.

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Total Travel Reciprocity


Experience Jamaica’s first and only 100% community inclusive vacation. Our travel options include day trips, solo and group experiences that invest in and uplift the communities we visit in Jamaica.

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Stay Local


Book your accommodations with our #TTRApproved lodging partners. We promote only locally owned hostels, guest houses, and small B&B’s – so there’s no way you’ll get stuck in a super-dull mega resort around here.

Travel Kingston Jamaica

TTR Your Way


Whether you’re a solo wanderer or group of nomads, we can design individualised itineraries that will show you the real Jamaica, the way you want to see it on a budget that’s just right for you.

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Buy Jamaican


Remember the peppa’ sauce that shocked your taste buds? Those coconut shell earrings you second guessed? You’re in luck: we curated a local marketplace for all of those Jamaican treasures you just can’t live without. You can go ahead and thank us now.

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Do Road Chronicles


Greetings & blessed love world citizens, visit our blog to be inspired and see what we’ve been up to!

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Weh You Seh? (Testimonials)


Want to learn more about our TTR Experience? See it through the eyes of our past travellers.

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Out Deh! (Events Calendar)


Check out Kingston’s most comprehensive list of happenings! Whatever you like, we’ve got it all covered from roots, dub, dancehall to eats, theater & more!

Travel Kingston Jamaica

Picha Dis! (Photo Gallery)


When we #DoRoad, we nuh ease up! (we go hard). We’re always having the best vacation every day – see for yourself!

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Travel to Kingston Jamaica

Do Road: The First 72

Staying Awhile? Get To Know Yaad!

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Do Road: Roots, Reggae & Reciprocity

Music & Vibes For Jah People!

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Travel Kingston Jamaica

Do Road: Nomadic Souls

One Island, One Love & One Adventure

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Do Road: Done Di Dancehall

Turn up, Wuk up & Wine up!

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